Conor Friedersdorf’s article titled “How to Reawaken a Sense of Solidarity in America” discusses what it takes to rebuild the sense of unity and solidarity so strong during moments of shared crises, such as WWII and 9/11. A relinquishing of resentments after political loss is in order, as is gracious behavior in the event of triumph.

A recurrence of such sentiments would benefit us greatly today, as our country endures an extraordinary amount of political strife with various prominent members of society seeking to undermine the results of the political process by rallying people through fiery rhetoric and predictions of death and apocalyptic doom from every action by the Trump administration—and even more fictional ones produced through a constant barrage of fake news.

We all should reflect today on the need to seek common ground and consider whether our actions are breeding division rather than unity.

[Read Friedersdorf’s article “How to Reawaken a Sense of Solidarity in America” originally posted in The Atlantic]

The Necessity of Solidarity
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