In light of the recent tragedy within the Las Vegas community, I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the victims of last night’s shooting at the Harvest Music Festival and their families. As of now, the fatality count has risen to over 50 persons, while those injured number in the hundreds. Videos of the shooting have been shared through social media and news outlets that reveal the complete terror and confusion of the situation.

However, amid the chaos and fear, there were those who put themselves in harm’s way in efforts to save others. Lindsay Padgett and her fiancĂ© helped rush injured victims to a nearby hospital, while a police officer used his body to shield Gail Davis from the gunshots. Mike Cronk remained in danger with his best friend Rob, who was shot three times, and did all he could to address Rob’s wounds despite putting himself at risk. Robert Hayes, a firefighter with the LA fire department, was in attendance and assisted SWAT and medics in getting others to safety. Those who did not attend the concert also did their share to aid the situation by donating blood, the lines of donors wrapping around local hospitals.

These examples of self-sacrifice showcase what a true American hero looks like and gives hope to the idea that there are still beacons of light in a society which so often favors darkness. Once again, a terrible calamity has brought the best out in many individuals, confirming that such atrocities cannot break the American spirit.

Examples of Self-Sacrifice

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