It is no secret that most elites in academia, Hollywood, and the mainstream media lean towards the left end of the political spectrum—and have so for decades. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that they have created a cultural landscape that is aligned with their views and beliefs. Unfortunately, this has evolved (or devolved) to the point where we now have a culture not only antagonistic to traditional values, but also oppositional to objective truth. As several recent events demonstrate (Ferguson, Russian “collusion”, debates over climate change and gun violence, etc.) facts don’t matter—feelings do.

Just how did we get to this point—where emotions override truth?

Well for starters, government schools have indoctrinated generations of American school children with anti-American rhetoric. Overwhelmingly, students have been taught that free-market capitalism is unfair at best and evil at worst— while simultaneously miscasting the United States as racist and oppressive. No wonder college campuses have become left-wing ideological echo chambers and students are protesting the Second Amendment across the country. They don’t know any better.

Along with the miseducation students receive, things aren’t much better in the popular culture these days. Music, TV programs, and movies overwhelmingly support the false premise that the United States is a fundamentally unjust nation. Just watch any Hollywood awards ceremony and it becomes blatantly obvious where most celebrities stand on “social justice issues” and the political spectrum.

Even worse, the mainstream media has seemingly abandoned objective journalism in favor of pushing left-wing ideology. Newspapers, TV news, and magazines unabashedly dismiss traditional values in favor of liberal progressive dogma. Political bias is so rampant in the modern media—no wonder “fake news” gained such traction in the 2016 election.

We now live in a world where emotions trump truth. Regardless of facts, how one simply “feels” about something carries infinite weight.

Case in point: a recent play titled “The $18-Billion Prize” has caused quite the controversy after a lead actor walked out because he didn’t like the “politics of the play.” What he really meant to say was: he didn’t like the true story the play told. In short, the play accurately exposes the fraud and deception of the environmentalist lobby and Hollywood celebrities.

But as they say in showbiz: the show must go on. And the play’s writers, Phelim McAleer and Jonathan Leaf, are determined to make sure their play makes it to the stage.

According to a statement from McAleer:

“We have replaced the leading actor and the truth will be told. It’s just like the Ferguson play in LA when nine of the actors walked out because they didn’t like the script. This is crazy because both scripts are overwhelmingly verbatim – using eyewitness testimony. What the actors are saying is that they don’t like the truth – it seems they would rather promote a fairytale that supports their politics. This has not been the only problem we have faced in the production. It was almost impossible to get a venue in San Francisco and not one publicist or lighting designer in the whole city would work on the production.”

“It has been a tough few days as we struggle to get a show on the stage but it has been worth it. The $18-Billion Prize is a great story of how one of the world’s biggest frauds was carried out by an environmentalist. And it was all aided and abetted by the mainstream media and Hollywood actors. They almost got away with $18 billion.”

“This play is also about the failure of journalism. The Chevron case was one of the first examples of ‘fake news.’ I think audience members will be very surprised, even shocked, when they hear the clear and unaltered truth about the events that took place.”

Bravo, Mr. McAleer!

The Show Must Go On…
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