Writing at The Daily Caller, Carthage College economics professor Yuri Maltsev discusses the horrors perpetrated by Communism over the decades of its rule over the Soviet Union and other nations around the world, some of which have yet to throw off those shackles. Maltsev points out that socialism positively requires violence by the state, and that this mayhem tends to reach a gargantuan, horrific scale as the government sets out to eliminate all elements of civil society, which it sees as posing a danger to its hegemony:

Marx and Engels predicted the overthrow of bourgeois rule would require violence and “a dictatorship of the proletariat . . . to weed out remaining capitalist elements.” Lenin conducted this “weeding out” using indiscriminate terror, as Russian socialists before him had done and others would continue to do after his death.

The late Rudolph Rummel, the demographer of government mass murder, estimated the human toll of twentieth-century socialism to be about 61 million in the Soviet Union, 78 million in China, and roughly 200 million worldwide. These victims perished during state-organized faminescollectivizationcultural revolutionspurges, campaigns against “unearned” income, and other devilish experiments in social engineering.

Further documenting additional horrors of the Soviet regime—persecution against religion, mass killings and exiles, deliberately forced famines, murders and exiles of orphans, and an abysmal economic failure to “meet the basic needs of its citizenry,” among other evils—Maltsev notes that many in the West still accept this corrupt and inherently destructive ideology:

Yet, socialism still has sympathizers in the West. Many Americans believe that socialism is good, whereas communism, fascism, and Nazism (National Socialism) are violent and antidemocratic. A public-opinion survey published last year proved that general assumption: 43 percent of respondents younger than thirty had a favorable view of socialism; only 32 percent had a favorable view of capitalism. This is a powerful warning. The anticapitalistic mentality has brought suffering and mass murder in all socialist countries and has reduced standards of living and the quality of life in mixed economies.

If students in our nation’s schools are being taught the truth about socialism, how is it possible that so many can support such a horrifically destructive ideology? The obvious answer is that they are not being taught the truth about socialism. The next question then becomes obvious: Why not?

It is in the nature of government schools to serve the state. Their teachings about socialism and market capitalism reflect those interests. The only sensible response of free people to such a situation would be to depopulate the government schools as quickly as possible. The way to begin this process is universal school choice without government restrictions.

Until we establish universal school choice across the nation, socialism will increasingly enjoy pride of place in the minds of the people.

The Truth About Socialism—and the Fantasy Taught in U.S. Schools

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