By Emma Kaden

School is no longer simply where students are educated. Nowadays, public schools have taken over so many roles in children’s lives that it’s hard to draw a line between what responsibilities public schools hold and what responsibilities parents hold. Across the nation, public schools have increased the time children must spend within their walls, from lengthening the school day to adding extra school days to piling on a never-ending calendar of extracurricular activities and after-school commitments. Not only are schools increasing the time children must spend obeying the whims of school administrators, they are now also serving as restaurants for students: breakfast, lunch, and even dinner now come courtesy of your local public school. Not only do the schools control what enters your child’s mind, they also control your child’s diet.

If this trend of longer school days continues, the only time parents will have to spend with their children is when the whole household is asleep. Soon, even that time will be squandered, because what is the point of sending children home for the night if they just have to be at school again the next morning?

It feels a bit like the nightmare world of George Orwell’s 1984 has infiltrated the public school system. Have American public schools become a dystopia where 3-year-olds are sent out to receive their government “education” and are returned to their parents at 18, all “educated” and ready to go.

So what gives? What can parents do to stop this from happening? What can anyone do to stop this, for that matter? Well, it starts with fighting for educational freedom. It seems clear from this example that the public school system is heading down a path that leads nowhere good. It’s important for Americans to support school choice, not the government education monopoly. If a family wants their child to attend the dystopian public schools of the future, then let them—but that should be their choice.

No child should be forced to attend a school that doesn’t serve them (and certainly that brutal school schedule must serve someone, or else it wouldn’t be in place). If all American students had the opportunity to attend the school that met their unique educational needs and allowed them to realize their potential, then perhaps America’s upcoming generation would be brighter and better educated.

Say no to Big Brother, and to the ever-expanding reach of the public school system. Vouch for school choice—the beam of light cutting through the educational well of darkness. All students attending schools that met their needs best? Well, that might just be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tunneling into the Roots of Dictatorial Education
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