In recent years, there has been much debate over the legitimacy of the American Dream in today’s society. However, the argument does not always seem to take into account that people’s views of what the American Dream entails have changed as our political and social cultures shift further and further away from the nation’s founding principles. There still remains many who believe that the dream is achievable through much hard work and moral tenacity. Unfortunately, there are also many who feel that the prosperities affiliated with the American Dream are unattainable due to the way society has progressed to promote dependency instead of self-reliance and the idea that hard work will remain unrewarded. Further along these lines, there are those who are disappointed in their current station because they feel the dream is something that is owed to them rather than something to be worked toward with effort and integrity. These various attitudes are represented well in an article entitled “Who Still Believes in the American Dream?” written by Chris Arnade. The article features quotes from American citizens all across the country in regard to their views concerning the American Dream. Read the article here to see what average Americans had to say about a prospect that has historically inspired so many to cross oceans.

What does the Average American have to Say about the American Dream?

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