By Emma Kaden

One doesn’t have to look far to find examples of America’s successes. The United States has a long and glorious history of great accomplishments, such as building the transcontinental railroad, completing the Panama Canal, and putting the first man on the Moon. Additionally, the United States is home to many revolutionary inventions: the internet, cell phones, phonographs, and the assembly line.

Hence, it should come as no surprise that Americans are used to success. As Americans mature, they internalize the fact that they live in the best country, and that their country has accomplished, is accomplishing, and will accomplish great things. This deep-rooted philosophy, also known as the American Dream, is what fuels the entrepreneurial spirit. From the pilgrims to the pioneers to the patriotic soldiers who have served overseas, Americans are dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to improve their lives and their country. Every day, “Normal Americans” fight for their country, in whatever way possible, to continue the American winning streak.

In a Townhall article, writer Kurt Schlichter contends that, despite the pessimism spouted by American elites, average Americans still believe in American exceptionalism.

“Normal Americans expect to win – they demand it, because winning is what Americans do. We believe, deeply, that we are better than every other nation and culture on earth, largely based upon the fact that we are. American exceptionalism is the core of our identity. If you ain’t American, you ain’t Adam Schiff.

This is not braggadocio or delusion. We are right to believe it because it is objectively true. Living abroad confirms it, and many of us Normals have spent years abroad, mostly in uniform, cleaning up foreigners’ messes.

But our elites, the snooty people who are supposed to be taking care of our institutions and making them work smoothly for everyone else (in return for prestige, power, and material renumeration) no longer believe in American exceptionalism. This is largely the fault of academia, which the elite controls, training future elitists that their own countrymen suck and that their loyalty should be to an unelected transnational class of like-minded snobs with glowing credentials but no track record of success in actually accomplishing the basic tasks that elites are supposed to accomplish.”

Schlichter continues:

“Pay attention, elites. We have considered your kind offer of decline and failure and we have rejected it. Our counteroffer is that we shall continue winning. This is non-negotiable.

See, we Normal Americans like winning, so we’re going to keep on winning. And anyone who doesn’t like it can always try to bring the losing again tomorrow.”

Win There, Won That—America’s Exceptional Population

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